Heritage. Artisan. Creation


Our unique properties across the globe are designed as artistic and cultural enclaves that reflect and encompass local and regional traditions. Each hotel is a celebration of the locale’s unique heritage – whether it’s a motif from age-old craftsmanship or particular architectural styles. Our approach to design and aesthetics marks the spirit and soul of Artyzen Hotels and Resorts and it is our intent to engage travellers to take the deep dive to discover the old in the new over interesting conversations and bespoke experiences.



Respecting and honoring local heritage and culture in this space and time, Artyzen Hotels and Resorts take one on a journey of discovery, igniting senses through the five key cornerstones of civilization for a deep and meaningful experience. Based on the local culture’s way of ‘Wear, Eat, Live, Travel and Enjoy’, we reinterpret these aspects in a contemporary manner for guests to discover.

  • WEAR

    From donning animal skins to harvesting plant fibres, and weaving textiles coloured by natural plant dyes, the way we wear is a reflection of Man’s evolution in space and time.

  • EAT

    Food is inextricably linked to culture and heritage. What we eat, how we dine and what is locally grown define the flavours and textures of the menu. The craft of handmade cookwares, crockeries and utensils define the cooking methods, cuisine and the way food is consumed.

  • LIVE

    How a society lives and grows is built upon geographical and environmental factors. Local communities created their unique architectural styles that weather nature’s climate and ultimate reflect their culture and identity.


    For centuries, traders and merchants travelled the world through land and sea from the far corners of East Asia to the ends of Middle East and Europe to discover and exchange exotic wares.


    Art, theatre and music are an integral part of one’s culture and identity. The art of joy lies in the narratives, creation and merry making from theatrical performances to elaborate wedding ceremonies – the joy of any society and civilisation.

  1. WEAR
  2. EAT
  3. LIVE
  5. ENJOY


Artyzen Hotels and Resorts reinvigorates the conventional know-hows into new aesthetic spaces where the soul of heritage meets contemporary vibe bridging the glorious past with modern day design. Our concept of hospitality and design is inspired by local and regional traditions that we have adapted and re-imagined.

As we reflect on our past and build the dreams of tomorrow, each hotel’s design aesthetics is a celebration of the locale’s unique heritage through careful reinvention of age-old craftsmanship, cuisine and culture. Every property is unique, with a design concept that pays homage to local artisanal crafts. Here we’ve looked deep into the past and drew the best elements, reinventing the wheels to create the best for the present.

  • Materials

    Materials are the heart of building blocks and furnishing. Inspiration is drawn from textures - intricately woven textiles to artisanal handmade furniture and carvings, to celebrate and invigorate interest in the heritage and source of materials.

  • Colours in Culture

    Across different communities globally, the same colours take on different symbolic meanings in culture and functions as a form of identity or societal ranking – a core part of the design process.

  • Geometry and Motifs

    From the Ancient Greeks to the Indus civilisation, architecture is founded on concepts of symmetry and geometry. Motifs – religious and tribal – from sculptures to prints and tattoos made its way around the world through the various trade routes, inspiring architectural and fashion styles.

  1. Materials
  2. Colours in Culture
  3. Geometry and Motifs


Celebrating local craftsmanship and traditions, different elements inspired by local or regional forms of art are reflected in our hotel designs and interior spaces.