Respecting and honoring local heritage and culture in this space and time, Artyzen Hotels and Resorts take one on a journey of discovery, igniting senses through the five key cornerstones of civilization for a deep and meaningful experience. Based on the local culture’s way of ‘Wear, Eat, Live, Travel and Enjoy’, we reinterpret these aspects in a contemporary manner for guests to discover.

From donning animal skins to harvesting plant fibres, the way we wear is a reflection of Man’s evolution in space and time. We draw on the techniques of craftsmen to weave the story of the city into the very fabric of each of our hotels. Bespoke and meticulously handcrafted, every Artyzen Hotels & Resorts property offers guests an evocative, contemporary cocoon of culture that authentically represents the charms of the city.
Food is inextricably linked to culture and heritage. What we eat, how we dine and what is locally grown define the flavours and textures of the menu. Our signature restaurants reinterpret local and regional culinary traditions for modern palates and celebrate the very best of local flavours and locally-sourced ingredients.
Local communities created their unique architectural styles that weather nature’s climate and ultimate reflect their culture and identity. Likewise, our hotel designs are unique to the architectural heritage of each city. With great attention to detail and an eye for art, we ensure that every aspect of the room works together, aesthetically and functionally, to create an alluring sense of place.
For centuries, traders and merchants travelled from the far corners of East Asia to the ends of Middle East and Europe to discover and exchange exotic wares. Our service artisans possess deep appreciation for the local’s culture and are motivated not just to share insider information on where to go and what to see, but to help travellers truly connect with the city’s heritage.
Art, theatre and music are an integral part of one’s culture and identity. The art of joy lies in merry making, theatrical performances to elaborate wedding ceremonies. Our goal is to make every guest enjoy the culture of the local community. To do this, we collaborate with local artists and other community partners to host pop-up events and themed events at our hotels.